Residential Visits

Why not bring your class for a night or two? You can keep busy during the day with various exciting activities led by our instructors, and spend the night in our dormitories or tents.


Our selection of tents includes 9 four man and 10 three man tents. Enough for children and teachers to enjoy a night under the stars.


We have two dormitories, sleeping a total of 41 children in bunk beds and with two separate room for up to five teachers.

We advise a minimum age of 6 years for children using the upper bunk.

When you come to stay at Austerfield Study Centre, you have access to our kitchen and also, in the summer, are welcome to use our BBQ.

On most occasions you will have the site to yourself in the evening, however we will let you know if there is anything going on in the community room when you book your stay.

Before our staff leave the site they will provide you with any keys you may need for the night and make sure you have everything you need.

You will be left with a copy of  our Visitors Handbook with details of local amenities and emergency contact numbers.

Click here for information about our new dormitories!