Our Activities

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We can tailor the topic to a specific project, or needs of the group.

Choose a Theme!

Animal House

Have you met Austerfield's amazing animals? An opportunity for your class to get up close and handle some exotic species. Choose from: * Show & Tell * Adaptations * Classification

Enchanted Woodland

Collect some natural materials and use them to build a secret house for our magical woodland friends. Who will live in your woodland home?

Habitat Hunters

Take a look inside a local habitat and discover what animals live in Austerfield's woodlands and heathlands. Create a home in a natural environment and detect signs, tracks and trails of wildlife.

Marvellous Mini Beasts

Enter Austerfield's wonderful woodland and heathland habitats. A perfect backdrop to investigate Marvellous Mini beasts. Your class will be involved in hands-on activities in an outdoor environment to develop their understanding.

Mayflower Migration

Commemorate Austerfield's connections to the Mayflower Pilgrims. Your class will be transported back to the 1600's and experience pilgrim life first hand. Following in the steps of William Bradford, walk the village trail, ending with a visit to the historical Church of St Helena.

Mindful Moments

Improve your inner consciousness by enriching your knowledge and experience of practicing mindfulness. A range of meditative and focused sessions throughout the day including a sensory walk, meditation, focused natural art work and mindful eating.

Plant Power

Offering school groups a variety of exciting environments to explore including: woodland - both deciduous and coniferous, lakes, ponds and heath lands. Allowing children to have hands-on experience of a range of plants and flowers.

Pond Life

Be amazed by the wonderful adaptations of the creatures that inhabit our pond. Catch them and identify them under our dipping shelter. Choose to focus on: habitat, life cycles, food chains, or classification. Please note this activity can only be offered between the months of April and September due to seasonal conditions.

Rivers and Flow

Identify and name the features of a river from source to mouth. Your class will explore the nature reserve and make a river, becoming a water cycle with our interactive, outdoor activity and performing experiments to create an understanding of flow.


Learn to identify three different varieties of rock. Includes experiments and a visit to the nearby quarry.

Story Book Activity Days

Based on the books by Julia Donaldson and others. Ignite the children's imagination and bring literacy to life with our fun-filled themed days. Each includes a craft activity and an outdoor session. Choose one from the following: * Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus * Gruffalo * Snail & the Whale * Zog * The Very Hungry Caterpillar * Stick Man * Room on the Broom * Monkey Puzzle * The Scarecrow's Wedding * The Everywhere Bear * The Smeds & the Smoos * Dinosaurs Love Underpants * Aliens Love Underpants *T he Paper Dolls

Survival Skills

For the ultimate "Bear Grylls experience" your team will work together to complete shelter building, fire making, cooking and foraging for food. Unleash your survival skills with this action packed day!

Team Building

Using negotiation and problem solving skills your class will collaborate in exciting outdoor activities, promoting positivity, adaptability and confidence. Choose two options: * Orienteering * Shelter Building * Team Games

Water Cycle

Become part of the water cycle in our fun and active outdoor game!

Wild Art

Get creative with natural materials and appreciate the sights & sounds all around us.