Our Activities

All our activities can be tailored in collaboration with you to build on current learning, introduce or reinforce a topic. If you have a topic in mind that we don’t appear to cover, please call us to discuss – we are incredibly flexible! We want you to get the best out of your visit, so planning is key. Our booking form asks you to detail where children are in their topic, so that we can prepare an engaging and exciting day. Our post-visit evaluation form asks for your feedback on all areas of our service, specifically exploring whether the visit has met the agreed learning outcomes.

Choose a Theme!

Animal House

This is an opportunity to handle small exotic animals. Choose to focus on feeling and describing, animal care, life cycles, food chains, adaptations or classification and evolution.

Bear Hunt

Make your own map and recall the story on a walk around nature reserve.

Darwin’s Delights (Full Day)

This is a daylong combination of activities. Learn about the theories of natural selection and evolution. Learn how geology forms the basis of Darwin’s later ideas with a walk to our working sand quarry. Complete the day with an introduction to classification and evolution whilst handling exotic animals.

Den Building

Work as a team to build a den from silver birch logs.

Enchanted Wood

Create your own character and story setting by making a miniature door and magical sign. Develop your story in our beautiful woodland. Please let us know if you are linking this workshop to a specific book e.g. The Faraway Tree

Fire Making

Learn how to build a camp fire and light it with flint and steel. Toast a treat to eat on it.


Look out for animal tracks and homes as you recall the story on our walk to the deep dark woods.

Habitat Hunters

Take a look inside a local habitat and discover what animals live in Austerfield's woodlands and heathlands. Create a home in a natural environment and detect signs, tracks and trails of wildlife.

Hunter-Gatherer Survival

Your challenge is to find the basic things humans need to survive on the reserve. Learn how to track animals, make a bow and arrow and learn about the history of fire.

Make a River

Call out the features of a river as you watch your classmates tip water down a gulley on the reserve.

Marvellous MiniBeasts

Enter Austerfield's wonderful woodland and heathland habitats. A perfect backdrop to investigate Marvellous Minibeasts. Your class will be involved in hands-on activities in an outdoor environment to develop their understanding.

Nature Awareness Walk

Celebrate the season and use your senses on a fun filled walk around our nature reserve. Let us know if you have a specific focus in mind.


Take part in an inclusive day of orienteering fun, and equip your class with the skills to read maps and use a compass, whilst following a route on our nature reserve.

Plant Classification Walk

Learn about the evolution of the plant kingdom and use a classification key to collect examples of algae, moss, fern, conifers and flowering plants on the nature reserve.

Plant Power

Find out how plants work and why they are important by taking part in a selection of games and investigations.

Pond Dipping

Be amazed by the wonderful adaptations of the creatures that inhabit our pond. Catch them and identify them under our dipping shelter. Choose to focus on: habitat, life cycles, food chains, or classification.


Learn about why we find sand and sandstone at Austerfield and visit a working quarry.


Investigate the properties of our extensive collections of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks.


Find out what soil is made from and investigate the two different types you can find, on a walk, on our reserve.

Stick Man

Make a stick man and take him on an adventure around the reserve.

Surviving Extreme Weather

Your challenge is to find the basic things humans need to survive on the reserve. Prepare for a storm using a modern tarp. Learn about purifying water through filtration and distillation.

Team Building

Learn the life skills necessary to play our exciting range of team building games.

Water Cycle

Become part of the water cycle in our fun and active outdoor game!

Wild Art

Use natural materials found on the reserve to make a piece of art.

Woodland Explorers

Explore our coniferous and broadleaf woodland using a range of equipment.