See what our visitors say about us - some feedback from recent visits.

Admin & Booking Process

"Booking process was very easy - helpful admin staff and quick response to any queries"  KS2 July 2022

"Fantastic communication - as usual"  Regarding booking process for KS2 Pond Dipping & Village History

"Booking process very easy & well organised. 

Site Facilities & Equipment

"Everything we needed - safe & child-friendly" KS1

"Great accommodation - provided exactly what we needed" SEN school - July 2022

"Plenty of resources to share; well-organised and age appropriate"  Marvellous Minibeasts

"Centre facilities are really good and clean"   KS2

What was of most benefit to your pupils? "Being able to explore and "be free" in a safe environment" FS & YR1 Orienteering Skills and Team Building

"Lots of equipment & well-prepared. Really supportive and welcoming."  Yr3 Rocks & Team Building

"Great space for children to run off steam after their activities!" KS2 residential - May 2022

"Really liked the outdoor seating for lunch" KS1 Gruffalo & Den Building - March 2022


"Greeted with a smile - warm & friendly" KS1

"Staff & volunteers go above and beyond for school groups. Amazing experience had by all"  Yr 6 camp July 2022

"Endless enthusiasm - all-round lovely people to spend time with.

Staff adapted their inputs in line with children's interests & took time to work with SEN pupils".   KS1 camp July 2022

"Amazing staff - patience is exceptional!" KS1 Team Building & Pond Life  June 2022

"All staff members have been incredibly friendly, welcoming and supportive"  KS2 residential June 2022

"Wonderful staff. Very friendly & brilliant with our year 1 children".  Animal House & Mini beasts - May 2022

Staff are amazing & brilliant with children, parents and visiting staff"  FS Story Activity & problem solving

"All staff were kind & listened to the children well"  KS2 Orienteering

"Excellent interaction with pupils and staff - engaging all"    SEN school

"Very knowledgeable staff"  Mindfulness & Survival KS3 SEN

"Staff are always friendly and positive & clearly explain each activity"  Team Games


"Really impressed with the programme - fitted well with curriculum". KS2 Rivers & Flow

"Perfect pitch for Yr2 objectives - children really enjoyed it" KS1 Plant Power & Mini beasts

"Well organised with lots of independent and collaborative tasks"  KS1 Plant Power & Mini beasts - May 2022

Lively delivery, kept the children engaged throughout". "The best day ever" from the children - KS1 Den building & orienteering April 2022

"The whole day was brilliant - staff leadership and delivery was outstanding"  Three Little Pigs Activity day with Wild Art

"Excellent experience - best trip we have ever had"   KS1 Enchanted Woodland & Pond Life - June 2022

"Fantastic day for all the children - very interactive", "very friendly & great with the children"  KS1 Animals House & Minibeasts.

"Linked well with science topic - consolidated the children's knowledge. Would definitely book again" KS1 Animal House & Minibeasts

"Great delivery & use of the four steps" KS2 Orienteering

"Both activities were brilliant and purposeful - matching EYFS outcomes. The children loved it & were very excited to take their work home"

- FS Snail & The Whale & Enchanted Woodland

"All children enjoyed each activity & the sessions allowed them to be active & work together, but also to reflect on their own experiences"

-KS2 Team Building, Survival Skills & Orienteering

"Great exploration opportunity" KS2 Rocks - January 2022

"Problem solving skill development was great!" FS2 - February 2022

"Dam building kept all the children engaged throughout"  KS2 Water Cycle & Dams

"All activities were tailored to our current topic" KS2 Shelter Building & Fires - March 2022

Impact on the Children

"The whole experience has developed the children massively & had a huge impact on maturity" KS 2 camp

"Children worked co-operatively & organised themselves in sharing tepees. Really pulled the class together and built team spirit"

- KS 2 residential June 2022

"Developed resilience, cooperation, communication and teamwork"  

"Our children were all so engaged. It is wonderful for them to be able to access this - they have previously been excluded from so many things"

SEN school on Pond Dipping, Animal House & Marvellous Minibeasts

"We loved making a river which developed team work and resistance - carrying the water bottles" KS2 Rivers & Flow - June 2022

"Developed the children's team building and communication skills"  Rivers & Flow & Dams - March 2022

"Outdoor learning ALL DAY provided real-life hands-on experiences" Yr 1 Plants & Mini beasts 

"One group used the word Democracyas they voted to make important den building decisions" KS2 Dens & Orienteering - April 2022

"Developed skills in teamwork & caring for the environment"  FS 2 Habitat Hunters & Pond Dipping


"First time we've visited & we thoroughly enjoyed it! Would definitely return!" FS Hungry Caterpillar & Minibeasts

"Would highly recommend to other schools - everything we wanted". KS1  Enchanted Woodland & Wild Art - November 2021.

"We had a truly fantastic time and would like to thank all your hard working staff at Austerfield for a day we will remember forever!" KS2

Easy to book, welcoming, clean & well-resourced.